Monday, February 13, 2012

Tough stuff.

One adventure over the weekend was, ironically, coincidentally, fate, perhaps? I found the Julak Doom, which had been recently featured in Bubbles of Mischief.

I called in for reinforcements from my guild, but only a brave female warrior came to my aid. S(he) is the kind of player (not sure of gender in real life, not that it really matters), whom I adore: this type of player is always up for anything, will try something new, and takes these pixels about as seriously as they deserve. These pixels are flexible, plastic, and fun to manipulate.

Julak kicked our tails, by the way. We shall meet again, Mr. Doom. Oh, yes. We shall meet again.


  1. Anonymous13.2.12

    He IS tough, esp. for 2 people. Here's the guide I wrote when we actually managed to kill him:

  2. Gracias, Cymre! Now I actually have to read and plan?! What!? Ha! I Just wanted to look at him with one of my glazing stares and have him fall at my feet, mumbling something about hooves and tails...sigh.


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