Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holy gesso, Batman...

Just wanted to post some images I found while strolling through DeviantArt:

Priest and Druid

But then I saw the post on of new fan art, and wow, indeed!!


  1. I love browsing Deviant art :)

  2. That Big Bird post was vexing me to no end. Off it flew. I saved it as a draft, but it had to go off the "most read."

    And I love that people put their art 'out there.' Some of it is, well, it ranges from "Velvet Elvis" - the epitome of tacky art in the US vernacular, to the masterful. The top line drawing is especially sweet and romantic, and oh wow - the fan art on the Blizz site is unparalled. Almost makes me want to break out the vine charcoal again.

  3. What a wonderful dwarf on my favorite mount of the moment!


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