Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why did I think I could do that?


is tanking for me?

One good run, and then one awful, awful run. With a good friend, Kay-bear, but damn is shaman healer didn't ALL CAP me (in really bad words).

It's the one with Tyrande, and she's using that silly accent, all moony and moaning, and you catch tigers and elves and convince them to die in the light. You gotta run, and go to the light!

go to the light....!
I just saw on Twitter that 'Bravetank' was voted Blog Azeroth's Blog of the Week. Congrats! Maybe I can get some insight, cause KOTSH knows I need some.

Let me rephrase the shaman healer's criticism: Hold aggro. Don't let players die. (Wah?  Isn't that his job?)

I know I hit my "save your tail" button when it's warranted. Run to the light, and all will be well. The healer died on the way to the light. The Tyrande fight was okay, except I was shaking in nervousness.

That's what she said...

Right now, and I mean really right NOW - I am tanking in real life, breaking up physical aggression, having  folks not do their jobs, and lots of aggro being tossed around willy-nilly, and small creatures are getting hurt in the fray.

Perhaps I need to accept this hard truth: I can't do everything well. If I am tanking, the healer will criticize me. If I am healing, you know. If I die as DPS, it's my fault. If I die as healer, it's my fault. If I die as a tank...bleh.

But: let this be known, to one and all.

Did two other dungeons with buddies, including Kay-bear and an aggressive rogue, lost aggro many times, and did fine in both. Rogue said I was fine, in his opinion. Both he and Kay have a two awesome DPS level 85s. No tanks. One PvP healer (Kay). So, if "fine" is what I get, then that will have to be all the stamina I need.

Again, not sure why I'm doing this. Can't be for the money.


  1. How ironic that I read this post and the SAME day, later in the evening, my guild leader tells me I might have to offspec tank instead of offspec DPS because my offspec dps is so bad.

    1. I really believe the act of tanking is like anything that requires a large amount of invisibility, like teaching, parenting, nursing, or brain surgery: if you do it right, no one notices or thanks you. But damn, make one little mistake, one tiny lobotomy, and the whole world is upset! :) You'll rock it, I have no doubt.


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