Saturday, February 11, 2012

ShPin the Bottle: Drinking and Dungeoning

For the love....



Perfume, drunk, petals, kiss, kiss, drunk, perfume: little pie man: don't you dig me?

Trying to get Flirting with Disaster pretty much summed up the whole mixed bag yesterday.

Do you see legwraps there? Do you? DO YOU?!

Well, actually, it was a pretty good day. Except---


I am my own worst enemy sometimes. Long story short: I went into LFR (Part II/Deathwing*) on Zep, and won both the helm and leg tokens. In my impulsive state of mind, gave leg tokens away.

No clue. No clue at all.

The only insight I can give you dear readers, was I really wanted any weapons that dropped and was making a deal. The person with whom I made the helm deal took the staff, and I won the mace anyway, so the leggings deal fell through. It was only until hours later when I was looking at the above picture did I realize what I had done. The other piece of analysis is, as I have told both bosses and others, is that the two sides of my "get it done" coin are: Heads: Win for the Hard Work Ethic/Tails: Do Things WAY too impulsively. When I was about seven or eight, I jumped off a dock into the shallow part of the lake, breaking my foot. Thank the stars it was only my foot, because it could have been much worse. When I told my esteemed guildmate he was so sweet, just saying I would get them again. Perhaps.

I went into the Wyrmrest one with my rogue buddy, and thank goodness he was there.  I can still heal the snot out of stuff (Part I/Wyrmrest)It was a tough one. The DPS was very, very low, and every time I requested warlock candy (crack for priest healers, in my opinion) or a mage table, was met with blank stares. It was until I pitched a hissy fit and begged before the Hagara fight did the warlock put out some rocks. When I said something funny, Solitare said something to the effect that my healing spells were crack.


Not sure why he/she felt it necessary to disparage my healing skills when performed as such.

So, no legs, new mace (with no spirit: will be visiting Mr. Robot soon), no achieve with Sraaz (oh, little man, you are mine...all mine!)

Let's get a sum total:

-No Legs
-Impulisivity rules the day
-No Flirting With Disaster (and it's so damn easy)
+Cake Vodka Martini (win!)
+Fun with some friends (nod to cat who took my mount keys)

Oh, and I put together a blue/violet look for Zep. Now she's pretty:

NEWS FLASH: One VERY good thing, but it may be too little, too late, is that we CAN get Grisly Trophies and Hearts at the same time! I was in a dungeon and it showed up on the loot rolls or whatever that the priest was getting both, so I hustled down to the fair and picked up with Strength quest.

And, one more defensive statement: Having three main characters just made me snap from an organizational standpoint. So, to the sticky notes! Reminder: LOOK AT YOUR GEAR STUPID

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