Saturday, February 4, 2012

Play dead.*

Matty wonders if the other cafe patrons have been put off their feed now...

Creepy, for real. Really, really creepy:
Corpse Sits in Gamer Cafe for 9 Hours

Be warned, it is a sad tale of mental illness and addiction. Since the dawn of time, I have a theory that humans (and their evolutionary tracts/off-shoots) have found something to be addicted to, but I wonder if the nature of addictions has changed or is altered by culture and circumstances. In other words, if you were afraid that a saber-tooth tiger was going to eat your baby, did you have the "luxury" of a recreational pastime, and potentially taking that recreation too far?

In a hidden corner of Desolace, there is a dusty road with walking skeletons and necromancers. Bodies of arcane addicts are strewn along the path, with the occasional busy spider.

My heart goes out to that young man, truly. I have no words, and believe none are really necessary because the cautionary tale is in the essence of sharing the information.

I'll just think about it when I'm going on a walk today, and the umpteen other things I do in my precious 24-hours.

*my sense of puns overcame my sense of decorum; apologies.


  1. I was going to comment but after reading that article I feel the need to jump up from the computer and maybe clean, or brush the dogs or do whatever it takes to not die here in this chair.

    But I'll probably be back later.

  2. I know, right? For Pete's sake...

    ...and I am in a badly lit room, doing mundane things, but may just have to rebel and go walk. It is a rare sunny day in February, and spring fever has me by the cotton-tail....

  3. I know that spot. I wonder what those massive skeletons holding tridents are.

    1. I bet if we peruse Cymre's site there may be some answers. You are spot-on about the new archeology addiction: I think my shaman is just in the right place. I'm not raiding with her (post for another time), and...well....okay. Guess I'll just have to write the post.


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