Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Matty: Nice Work If You Can Get It Edition

Dear Matty:

At the risk of sounding egotistical, I have a problem about multiple raiding groups who have been seeking me out. I have loyalties to family members, and long-time player friends, but for personal reasons, they haven't been able to keep up with me. I totally respect why they can or can't play, but that's not where I'm at right now. The thing is, now I feel I have to sneak or tip-toe around them when I want to hang out with more 'leet' players. Lots of hurt feelings all around. I'm tired of not playing when and how I want to because others get their egos bruised. What should I do, Matty?

No-Derps DPS

Dear Derps:

Well, that is tough problem to find sympathy for, I must admit. Every day in trade chat, there are several guilds who are seeking players for start-ups, and to be sought out must feel pretty cool. You didn't tell me much about your stats, gear, or achievements, but I guess I'll leave that for the clock tower inspection.

I hate to bring this around to myself, but it is all about me, really. I find my own time in Azeroth at a cross-roads right now. My new guild is firmly established in their core ten, and when they talk about what they're doing in guild chat, I know the words are in English but I have no idea what they're talking about. The other night they finished the whole Deathwing thing, and another guildy mistyped "SH*T!" as soon as the achievement rang out. I am sensing (I'm smart like that) that he was a bit jealous. I talked to him later about starting a B team, and had approached another player, and all I get is "YES! But I'm not going to lead it."


Big fat hairy sigh.

But here's what I've learned in life about this sort of thing:

1. Doing anything out of jealousy or hate is never satisfying
2. Being true to oneself makes all of those around us better, too. (Thanks, Will S.)
3. What goes up must come down. Enjoy your climb to the top, and your friends and loved ones will be there when you fall. And fall we all do.

Recently, I listened to a news story on a new phenomena called "sudden wealth syndrome." I am sure the psychological symptoms of suddenly finding oneself with a sh*t-ton of cash are real, but the whole thing sounds like a truckload of bologna to me.

Well, I'm not sure what I'm doing right now either, but no one is seeking me out to be on a ten-man. And, to be fair, I don't want to lead anything either, but am thinking I may have to if I want to see anything besides LFR, and have a chance at the stunning new mounts. My greatest hurdles are two-fold: time and energy. I do not really have the guilt-free time to study raid strats and boss fights. Note that I said guilt-free. Got accused the other day of being a WoW addict by the cross-dressing rogue. Maybe. I'm actually more of a writing addict, but that's not paying the bills, either. So, I'm left with the option of how I've been playing for the past two years: go back and do old content when it's easy, and getting last year's drake model, like a used car with a lot of mileage, or step up and do new stuff and lead it.

Yeah, right.

Not gonna happen.

Wish there was another option.

Had this post in mind before I saw this, but it works, too:

Theme song: Are You Going to Be My Girl? /Jet


  1. Oh! Oh! I can cope! I know I could, I wish I could try.

    That link wouldn't let me in without membership but I found other sources. I think I could live with this.

    They say one of the signs of sudden wealth syndrome is:

    You feel like you don't quite deserve the money and you can't believe it's really yours.

    I could so get over that!

    Sorry, I got all excited about that.

    I'm sorry, I hope you find a solution or at least a willing leader. I used to feel bad about derping around in old content but when I realized the amount of time and commitment it must take to raid at a high level I realized that even if I had the time I probably wouldn't do it, too much work.

    So now I'm happy driving my ten year pick-up, er dragon! But I'd really be even happier if I could come down with sudden wealth syndrome.

  2. Oh, Tome, that's where I am too. My pick-up is old, too, and relatively trusty, but just once, ONCE--I would like to know what that new-dragon smell is like. I promise I wouldn't hover over mailboxes in the Trade Center, promise! Maybe the Dwarven District...

  3. Oh, and again, Big Bear summed it up best
    "The only true limitations to getting into a Dragon Soul raid are time, skill and a group of friends."

  4. Just to be different I'm going to focus on a more random part of your post. I enjoy your writing addiction even if it doesn't pay the bills. I have noticed I tend to read the daily posting bloggers than the others. Probably because every time I go look there is something new and exciting.

    Mounts. Snort. Even if you do raid you still have very little chance of getting one. I love mounts and pets and even raiding gets me not much of either.

  5. Navi, know that somewhere out there is a Yank who is cracking up over, "Mounts. Snort." And you're right -- even if one is a regular raider, those slim rewards are not motivation enough for me to seek active raiding. It just gets too much like real life sometimes, a have-and-have-not sort of thing, where it really is just the luck of the roll of a dice whether or not one gets something, instead of a healthy mix of hard work and intelligence (or some other redeeming quality if intelligence is in short supply).

    But damn, that one with the taller horns, and the dual sub-woofer, V-8 turbo-boosted, seat-warmers and drink holders...dang. I'd look good in that. (But then I remember: I look good in anything! JUST KIDDING!)

  6. This is the one:

    Wonder if they take trade-ins?

  7. That is a nice mount. I like it too. But I have unlucky dice.


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