Monday, February 6, 2012

Measurement of love...

Lest you think only female players are into a change of look, I say not true. Guarf is very comfortable in his dwarven skin, but I suppose that's because he likes the view of the Night Elf and Draenei females from his vantage point. Perhaps I assume too much. In any case, last night a shawty rogue buddy made me some Savory Deviate Delight, and enjoyed his newly acquired stature, even it was temporary. But I must admit I'll be glad he'll turn back to his double-stuff shortness soon. And, I need a Dwarf hunter for the rose petal thing, and one I know of recently transformed himself into a tall Night Elf male hunter. Dangit! Not going to waste my rose petals now. Sorry to be so cold-hearted, but all's fair in love and holiday achievements.

So, gents, here's a clue: ladies really like confidence over looks. Call it a primitive response that females are looking for providers, not pretty-boy models, to bring home the bison. Sure, it's nice if you look good while throwing that spear, assuredly, but your funny, sweet self is what will capture your love interest's heart.

What the...?!?

Phantogram: When I'm Small (this song is the sh*t)

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