Friday, March 16, 2012

And you thought I was a nice person.



...I can be a little, um....bitchy.

I can point blame toward a genetic and cultural predisposition (alcoholism and Irish-ness) and a sprinkle of spoiled brat with a dash of pepper for good measure.

Last Tuesday, in my neighborhood, we got selected by Mother Nature to have snow. I stayed home. I joined a PUG raid for Ulduar on my priest, Zep, whose name got turned into Zeptini by the RL. (What is that about Raid Leaders and their butchering of toon names? Not that I give a damn.) I have the Ironbound Drake on Miss Matty (big, big thank you to Xak for leading that one - most fun ever), and thought what the hell, go for it.

Well, few hours later, big headache, a roller coaster ride of nerd-rage and Asperger's later, got the achievements needed for the drake, which is what I went in for. A bonus would be any transmog loot, natch. A pretty dress dropped. A druid took it. But, to be fair, I did win a cool mace, and some other junk. I say "junk," and now you are all going to want to punch me in my stupid face. Apparently, the poor raid leader had been searching for these thingamabobs, these Val'anyr fragments to finish his legendary thingy, and he finally got the last one. Then, fragments kept dropping left and right. I was being so spiteful about the damn dress, which I would have traded something cool for, that I rolled on the first fragment and won it. The RL then said only roll if you really plan on finishing up the legendary thingy. Sure, what the hell. Maybe. Perhaps. I might. I obtained two more fragments, and went on my merry way.

Is that a legendary in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?
Now, I'll be honest. (Rare for writers and lovers of blarney and bullshit). I do not know if A. I will get the opportunity to go back into Ulduar and get 27 more fragments, which is apparently what I need to complete this, plus some other hoops to jump through, too, and B. This spawned from spite, and that's never a good thing.


Karma is also a bitch, because this happened:

Go into LFR, just for VP - don't really care about anything else. Get in fast, and it's just what I wished = 3/8! Go in, and get top damage! Hooray!


We wipe.'s because "MATAOKA ISN'T HEALNG!"

Oh, SH*T! I accidentally queued as a healer, realize my mistake and make a big public apology. One player whispers me and calls me an asshole. I say to the whole group, "I know you think I am an asshole, but I promise you it was a mistake. I am really sorry."

Rexagoodtime is the one who whispered me, concerned with the state of my assholeness.

To Rex, and Bab, (who as you can see was cool), and the whole group who got the achievement "Stood in the Fire," too, I am sorry. I will not be tired anymore, I will never, ever make a mistake like that again, and learned my lesson. You have nerd-spanked me good, sir, and may I have another?

Well, it's a damn shame when someone makes a sincere apology it's not credible. I get it, I really, really do.

Thank you for being concerned with my personal character flaws. I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, I've got some fragments to find.


  1. Oh Matty... sometimes we just have a bitchy shit day. I have them all the time! It doesn't matter, I still like you, despite your flaws. After all you write like Tolkien AND like JK Rowling... how can I stay away??

  2. Whew~! Well, I did learn my lesson. Now I have three fragments, no dress, and Rexagoodtime hates me. Serves me right for being spiteful.

    But, I went back, proper box checked, and won a fantastic healing shield. I know there is a lot of debate about loot in LFR, but I am kind of over that. The thing is, most of us are dual specced for a reason - it increases our enjoyment of any specific character we have. I wonder if back in the day, because adding another specialty was a bit goldy-pricey, one's main spec was considered sacred ground? In any case, I have horrible LFR luck on my healer, Zep, who is in there week in and out, never getting what she needs without having to beg, borrow, and steal. I'm going to hit a plateau here very soon with the gear from there, and if I don't figure out how to either raid to wait for pandas, not sure what to do. Just keep going in there I guess, and get every VP item available. (Just in time for new stuff to come out, I'm sure!)


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