Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It goes to eleven...

So--got this link from cross-dressing rogue, with the subject line, "Keanu waxes nostalgic about film."

This is something I have been thinking about for a long time. So many power outages/surges in my little nest, I know I have lost irreplaceable digital media. And yes, I well-up with tears every time I think of what's been lost, though there's been back-ups and sharing. There is this ephemeral quality about pixels that doesn't carry the same weight as older media. A colleague of mine was asking if anyone had an example of microfiche, for gods' sake. Think of how fast our technology has become artifact, irrelevant and lacking substance.

And yes, I know some of you are going to kid me that Keanu Reeves is my spring-board for this conversation. But, strange things are afoot at the Circle K, dude.

The question is:

What is at stake? 

Follow up question: In your Azerothian life, what matters and why? (Okay, two questions. I just got back from a Socratic Seminar training, and being a probing listener was the theme of the day. I'll wait. You think.)

One happy "squee" point is the addition of an eleventh slot, and how many of us are having to walk the green mile with one or more of our characters. It's like going to an animal shelter and determing which lucky kitty or puppy or bearded dragon is going home with us, knowing that those we leave behind are well, left behind to go to the great beyond. I joke, but it is heartbreaking. Both Tome and Vidyala have analyzed their character relevance and necessity.

The reason why I use the Keanu quote is the phrase "mass-less." I think those of us who spend any time in Azeroth feel an extreme gravitational pull toward our characters, their narratives, and quests/goals.

So, I don't really expect a response. One player's beloved hunter is another's passing fancy. But, is analzying and making those hard choices about who takes up virtual space important? Does it then become more mental and emotional space than we bargained for?

And back to Keanu -- what makes something feel more "real" to you in this "fantasy" game? That is the paradox of his statement, perhaps, the "magic of Hollywood" versus the reality of real honest-to-God film versus not.

And shut up about Keanu. He is damn cute.

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