Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crack That Whip: Vote for Leather & Lace!

You have been warned: Caution -- be careful when researching images of succubi. But, this was a pretty interesting article about archetypes and mythology.

From this post:

The thing is, the screen shots from every entry are amazing, and the blog posts are superlative. Yes. Yes I am going to make you go to the blog entries, consider them, and then vote.

Tome of the Ancient
Erinys/Harpy's Nest
Classy (Dewdrop)Dungeon Darling
Dragonray/Azerothian Life (with bonus links on her site - check it out!)
Rökkr/Sugar & Blood
Cross-Dressing Rogue/Sugar & Blood (he is sporting an eye patch)

Veroicone/Out of Mana
Navi/Frostwolves (bring lots of dollar bills when you visit this one!)

Survey Monkey Web Link: Will Close March 18, 2012 (around 10PM, Pacific Time)

Other Transmogalicious Things:
Check out:

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  1. Oh this is hard, so many favorites, how to choose.

    I think I'm almost caught up, spent the day yesterday trying to set up dual boxing and now I'm so behind on reading posts, so much to do, so little time. Can't wait to see the results!


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