Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Et tu, Brute? Azeroth's Top Leather Model: Leather & Lace, Feathers & Face

Feeling crazy as a March hare, yes, I'm trying again. To be frank, I do not know where the idea of 'leather and lace' came from, but kept hearing it. Did I say it first? Someone else? Remember: crazy.

It's not Nam, there are rules:

*One submission
*Leather wearer by nature (no cloth wannabes): rogues and druids, of course, but want to include low level shamans and hunters, too (pre-mail gear status, level 39 and lower)
*Screenshot in game (I know, I know, but this helps add to the fun)
*Equip a weapon (even if it's only your wicked smile)
*Theme: Leather & Lace

For Navi : Evening Gown Ensemble - optional, of course!

Here is how I am going to change it:
Top Three for Horde, Top Three for Alliance
Miss Congeniality: Keeping that option open

Deadline for submissions: Thursday, March 15
Voting March 17-18
Winners Announced March 19-20*

*With my life schedule, I need a little wiggle room.

Winners? One and all. Losers? Only if you don't try.

Theme song: One Piece At A Time/Johnny Cash


  1. OOh, just when I was working on some mog stuff. So no fave wannabe cloth I can show off? Awww damn!

  2. For you, Navi, anything. See correction.

    1. I love you Matty <3

    2. Hmm, maybe you don't have to publish that. But I am very grateful, my dear friend.

  3. My Druid is getting jealous watching all the cool girls in their beautiful outfits. I think we all know she can't mog her way out of a starting zone outfit so I'm going to try to stop her from entering cause it would be embarrassing for her. Sometimes she does stuff when I'm not around though. My apologies if she does something that gets by me while I'm distracted.

    1. Tome - respectfully, you are overthinking this. Just go have some fun - I really want to see you strut your stuff!

    2. Oh no, Matty, she saw your answer and entered!!! I just hope she doesn't embarrass me, you know how she is.

    3. See how I am? I am putting up your link:

    4. Oh! Thank you Matty, I see my handler keeps trying to sabotage my entry by "forgetting" to put up my link!

  4. A version I can enter! Yay.

  5. And here's my entry!


  6. This sounds like so much fun :O! Since I have a druid I will def be putting together a set :)

  7. oo!

    Very excited about this!

    Definitely going to be submitting an entry!

  8. Anonymous9.3.12

    Hoping to get to this over the weekend...create it, schedule it, and call it a day...as next week is March Break and that means my entire schedule flips (instead of going to bed at 1am, I'm up at 5...which thanks to the time change tomorrow night is going to feel like 4). I know if I don't get it done over the weekend I'll probably miss the deadline.

    *fingers crossed*

    Then there's the matter of who my representative will be....

    1. I am not much of a stickler for deadlines - don't hurt yourself over this. We overachievers stress too much - if you need more time let me know. It's tough living multiple lives/roles. You're sexy and you know it - have fun!

  9. So working on my post today! I am thoroughly excited! =) Going to be a challenge because my druid only has so much gear, but my only other option is my BE rogue and she doesn't have much either. =)

  10. http://dungeondarling.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/azeroths-top-leather-model/

    I spent a relaxing hour or two running around taking screenshots...was definitely fun! I went with a classic druid look...but it's soooo pretty!

  11. My entry is here:

    Possibly need to add more screenshots.

  12. My entry is here :)


    This was lots of fun!

  13. Here's my entry :)


    Thank you Matty!

  14. Anonymous11.3.12

    Here is my entry :D


    Great gear everyone has - the competition is pretty tough!


  15. Okay I meant to do this yesterday after your comment and as usual forgot. So if I'm too late, no problem and if she's disqualified for wearing her Horde cousins hand me downs, no problem!



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