Monday, March 19, 2012

Guild Subsidy Board

You know what I want, what I really, really want? I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really, want!

(Sorry - woke up at 2AM for a spell and I'm a little loopy right now.)

Just two things:
Mass Resurrection and Mass Summons.

That's all.

Don't care about guild pets, mounts, fish feasts, lobster dinners, open bars, pretty tabards, green rooms of chat, guild banks, guild perks, guild discounts, and I sure as hell don't care about the drama. In fact, just yesterday I joined a Black Temple transmog run with a group of strangers and ran into an old guildmate, who confessed that one of our former guildmates had said something so offensive and pissed him off so much he stopped playing for a while. Now, I can tell you, this person was always cool, laid back, and never caused fuss or drama, so when he told me that an eyebrow definitely got raised.

All I want is to run with PUGs, SLUGs, MUGs, and LFR, or BYOB, or COD, or DOA, or MIA, when I choose, and in the process of getting to know new players, which often translates into more enjoyable gaming time (LISTENING, BLIZZ?) [yes, I said often] -- then why not give all guilds those two perks? If someone is trying to set up a quick run in new or old content, allow every player to mass summon. No matter what. If there is a misstep and a wipe, relieve much of players' stress with a mass resurrection.

I am stating these requests because I truly believe they will encourage positive social interactions. Everyone needs a chance to play, and everyone needs a chance to escape their big guilds from time to time, too.

Here's my analogy: Traveling somewhere, you see one of those posh VIP, frequent flyer exclusive lounges. Completely off limits. Those weary business travelers deserve their space, free Internet, and cocktails before the flight. They travel and have earned it. But the thing is, if the plane goes down (God forbid), everyone's going down together. All of our asses are occupying a seat on that plane, so why not provide the two things that help everyone? 

Any thoughts on how we can get this to happen?

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