Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bring a Sweater.

The wise judges for Mog Madness may have set up a challenge I may not to be able to best, at least not with all the real life stuff going on. It requires a polearm from two places I cannot solo. Nope. Not even dual box. Poor Haanta tried, but alas. And Trial of Champions? At least six players, and with raid lockouts, no guarantees of drops. So, that means hours of playing with Mogit, and as I look at the stacks of real life stuff, and smell a stinky dog, and the coffee stain from the big cup of coffee I spilled this morning while trying to adjust speakers....and...and...and...

I remember when I first watched Season I of Survivor. I loved it. And I thought to myself, I wonder if they would just let me go, with no chance of winning the million dollars, so I could just lose weight and get some sun? Snakes? Rats? Hidden agendas? Sure. Why not?

So, I have a few days, I guess. Tome has allowed that I just use Mogit for the preview, and if I get some 'green-screen' software I can play around with Photoshop so I can include my favorite, Sweater. If he is left out, there's no point. "Haanta" is a very independent sort, and doesn't play well with others. If the bear goes, she goes.

Not sure I'm at the "know when to fold 'em" stage. Talk to me after another cup of coffee. This time not on the carpet.

Update: Superheroes wear sweaters!

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