Monday, March 19, 2012

What's black and white, and read all over?

 I am trying to keep an open mind. 

Imagine a vault: secure, technologically sound, with state-of-the-art locks. Changing my mind to say "What the hell, I'll get my panda on," is taking every ounce of expertise, self-effacing humor and a large amount of "it'll be'll be okay...."And I keep getting my mental fingers pinched in the locks as it closes tighter and tighter. Anyone got a crowbar?

Navi's excited.  Tome's excited, and so is Cymre. And I trust those gals. I really do. 

This is a confession: there are some personal reasons why I can't get on board with pet battles and Farmville-esque activities. I just can't. At least, not yet. I know this sounds weird, and I am not at liberty to elaborate, but I have too many negative associations with Farmville especially. Oh, have no doubt, there is room for a panda in my slots. And I'll even start thinking of names, surely the "good ones" have already been claimed. I've mentioned I used to be a busgirl in a Mongolian barbecue owned by a wonderful Taiwanese family when I was about thirteen years old. Perhaps I will pay them homage in my naming process. 

So, Azeroth took me by surprise. I resisted venturing there for years, so the skepticism and relunctance are nothing new for me. Just remind me after a few panda barrell-rolls and finding my happy chi what I said months prior to its release. And then you can proudly say you told me so. 



  1. I doubt I'll be pet battling either but the Godmother has a list of profession related news:

    This was exciting to me as I do like professions, even archeology. And mounts, hidden about the countryside? Yes!

  2. Well --the thing is-- there is a lot of silliness in the game that appeals to a wide array of folks, as it should. I mean, how seriously should I take myself when I am prancing around Stormwind sporting horns and a tail? Thank you so much for the link - you know I love archeology and other professions, and mounts...oh boy! (Wonder if that yak one will come true?!?!)

  3. Firstly, that title is FANTASTIC! Made me giggle Matty.

    I'm just glad there is something in pandaria for everyone. I don't want to level a panda. Maybe I will later but that would be like a year from release. Maybe.

    But I am looking forward to a bit more "independent" play stuff taht's coming out in Mists. More stuff for me to do when I have time for 10 minute wow.

    1. It helps when one has the sense of humor of a nine-year-old, as I do!

      This may be my first male character, though, so there ya go, Navi - more boys!

  4. Anonymous19.3.12

    I'm glad you enjoyed my take on the news today.

    For various reasons (and I'm tempted to make a post at some point), you're not alone in how you feel regarding the upcoming expansion. My post today was meant to be informative, rather than opinionated (on the whole). Just know you aren't alone.


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