Monday, March 12, 2012

Nothing amateurish about this!

Bippity-boppity-boo, beeotches!

Amateur Azerothian is sponsoring MOG MADNESS!

Dang, that just reminded me that some of my former colleagues who were the sporty types used to host a betting pool for March Madness. Yes, I was one of those who chose winning/losing teams based on "intuition" and "uniform colors." Perhaps there will be a goblin bookie or two in the Dalaran sewers taking bets.

The deadline for the first submission is March 12-23, with judging results provided March 25.

And - I must say -- I am relieved that the professionals are taking over this fun contest. That whole "top model thing" -- I don't know -- but this is better. Can't wait to be a participant!


  1. Exciting isn't it! Though there is no way I can compete against the likes of Kamalia and Cymre. But I can try!

  2. Navi, that's all any of us can do...haha!


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