Friday, March 30, 2012

Twenty-Foot Pole: Blessings upon your family!

Ceniza had a bad run-in, or four, with some crazed cultists.

Well, many stalwart women and men have been alligator-mud-jello wrestling feminism issues in Azeroth. I walked away with kind of a sadness, really. I know that gender discrimination is alive in well, but am sorry it exists at all. Was joking with young leet druid yesterday about some countries' potential travel brochures, "Hey, come visit us! We don't listen to women!" Okay, sorry. Too soon.
ANYWAY, I extended my pole and was thinking about religion and spirituality in Azeroth when I watched this video (it is seven minutes very well spent):

I am a Draeneist. I believe in helping those less fortunate than myself. I practice Draeneism, and try to walk in the light, and throw out blessings like smiles. My question is, are any of the spiritual practices in the game familiar or annoying to you, or both? Do you have an affinity for one path or another? And just like heroes, does your narrative veer off-course, too?  (I'm not suggesting the writer of Dodge, Parry, Block is off-course. I love his tagline, "Tanking your way to fame and fortune, and the line, 'Azeroth Depends on our vigilance." Man, does that sum up heroes.)

Blessings upon your family, and I mean that.

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