Friday, March 23, 2012

Celebrity Sighting: Charlie's Angel

Farrah Fawcett, rather Facet, lives on. Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

I am, well, quite frankly really mad at myself. I cannot believe I neglected jewel crafting so long, nor that I missed seeing the celebrity Farrah Facet (aka Fawcett) or that I inadvertently dressed Ceniza in the exact same outfit, and now everyone will think I copied it, but I swear on all that is Ryan O'Neal and Love Means Never Having to Say Your Sorry, I did not. I swear. If I had known Effy would reference colorful kilts being on fire, I would have gotten out my pointy hats and frosty skirts and changed my look. But, what's done is done. 

Although, who really knows what gets in our subconscious minds?

This poster of Miss Farrah, a Texan, naturally, (Texas men know what I'm talking about), was one of the number one selling posters of all time. And now that I look at the colors of the backdrop, they are indeed very colorful-kiltish. Which leads me to think, the good men, and I am sure they are mostly men, who run the show at Blizzard had their own posters of Miss Fawcett hanging in their dorm rooms or high school-aged bedrooms and thought of a day when she, too, might be their personal "angel." This iconic image of how female beauty was defined in the 70s and 80s stuck in all of our collective consciousness, male or female. Now, to be fair, Farah Fawcett was far more than a poster girl for blond feathered beauty. She went on to have a serious film career, one which I feel may have been greatly undervalued and overlooked. Just ask the producers of the Oscars the year she died.

In any case, I did not copy Ceniza's outfit from this one. I promise. In fact, I would have been clever if I had.



  2. Well, Navi, you know what you must do. Skip on over after a cocktail with Jeral and be a little Ally girl for a bit, get your photo, and scoot out before anyone sees you!

    I wonder how many celebrities are hanging on the Horde side that I don't get access to?



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