Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring fever.

I think there is a family, or a want-to-be-a-family of some sort of critter that lives under my flooring. Every spring, it throws out this sweet musk that makes me sneeze, and I just know there are some mammalian silliness getting busy under the floorboards and insulation. Even though it hailed, snowed, sleeted, and rained today, and the sun broke through with all its might, through the tapioca pudding of opacity that is a March soon-to-be-spring sky, life gets shaken up. (I wonder if that raccoon and his lady love know how lucky they are?)

Well, although I loved Luperci's stormy outfit, I swear it made her tail look huge. Leave it to good buddies Kay and Ran to get me out of my tank-funk so I could run a few. And you know what? I am an average tank, maybe slightly B+ to A-, and it was a lot of fun! So inspired, I thought she deserved to go back to her classic reds:

Brunettes rock the red...just ask me!
I am a brunette in real life, and there is something about red that makes everything better. People will notice I look good and may not be able to put their finger on it, but if I am wearing red, that is usually the factor. Red lipstick, shirts, all reflect a little happiness and glow. I love the color red. In one of our runs, I even helped earn "Too Hot To Handle" which cracked up my guildmate. I must admit, there is something deeply satisfying about those dungeon achievements while tanking. I have gotten things on there that are still elusive when I am playing Mataoka. This one especially vexes me: Vigorous VanCleef  Vindicator.  Stupid shaman. She'd be the one who would spark static cling at the gas station and blow everything up.

In addition to apparently being too hot, I delivered my gift to my friend in the snow and sleet:

It turned out much prettier than the picture shows - all amber, reds, and it glows. May have to make one for myself, since I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve anyway. Might as well look good while doing so.


  1. Oh my, she is very sexy. And that is a lovely piece of jewellery Matty! You artiste you!

  2. You must make one for yourself, it's lovely and RED! You must have it!

  3. Inspried me to wear red today - feel better already!


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