Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scroll of Get A Life

This has been buzzing around, and not sure what I think, BUT -- when I was logging off tonight, saw that two of my past "playmates" were eligible for me to send an invite. 
Here was my initial reaction: It felt a little...cultish? Stalk-ish? Creepy? Lurking? 
Have you ever belonged to an organization that actively sought you out, or kept tabs on you once you went a different path? Well, I am being hyperbolic, as usual. I'm thinking of NPR donation envelopes, the zoo membership, and the museum membership. "We want you back!" stamped in aqua and citron all over mail. It seemed fine when it's the Seattle Art Museum, but when I was placed in the roll of fundraiser, it didn't feel so good. 
I do miss these two friends, and others, too. But I miss a lot of folks. I don't get to connect with friends and family as often as I wish. Don't yell at me, I know, I know, but before I knew how bad it was, I used to talk, using my cell phone, to my mom on my commute home almost everyday. But now, by the time I get home and get swirled in the mix of life, somehow that doesn't happen. (Reflecting on this led me to a lengthy discussion with young druid about how women especially need their gabbing time, and how women have gathered this for themselves throughout history: fascinating, actually.) 
Now I have to decide, do I want to try to get that mount, or give people some space? 
What would I want? 
I think in the right circumstances, with right communication, it's completely fine. But I understand too well the value of space. It's a rare gift to find friends who understand this, and respect my boundaries and know I respect theirs. They know how to find their way back to their Azerothian home, and there's a light on. 
Better go fill out that membership form for the museum before the Gauguin show is over. 


  1. I thought of inviting my son-in-law back but my daughter would throw me into the Pit of Saron if I did so I had to resist.

  2. Well, just tell her it's for the mount--and--this is a big and--maybe she could play that level 80 character. Just one hit, just a taste, it won't hurt...:)

  3. I would do it just for the mount. Thinking about doing it to hubby's account but somehow intercepting the email before he got it... in a sneaky way.


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