Sunday, March 4, 2012


So inspired by Navi's collection of War-crafty goodness,  I did something I haven't done in a very, very long time:

I went to the bead shop.

Now, for those of you who may understand, the thing about the Northwest is we find a lot of things to do indoors. Yes. A lot of things. (And we don't need to go to Goldshire.) We don't let the rain get to us, though, and outdoorsy-types abound, but we tend to be avid readers and crafty-folks, too.

Now, for years, I made earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. for myself, family, and friends. I put most of my baubles and beads aside for a bit because you know, Azeroth was in danger and I heeded the call to adventure. Well, this weekend I had both time and money (rare silver monster, indeed) and bought both a new dishwasher, and went to the bead shop.

(These photos are awful, and I am sorry.)

One thing I have wished in WoW was that you could actually see the jewelry on your character. Some of the names of rings and necklaces are incredible, and oh, to own something like that would be transformative. Let it be known I am no high-maintenance diamond-diva. Long story, but no.

This is inspired by the Choker of the Betrayer --it has tiny black tin sparrows, owls, and black/grey floral motifs on a black silk ribbon. It's going to look cool with a black turtle neck and jeans. And really big boots. On the ends are two little Mexican Day-of-the-Dead Skulls. 
The "petrified fungal heart" was one of my more extravagant purchases. It's a hand-blown glass heart by a local Seattle glass blower, and the nice young woman at the bead shop mentioned his name, but no, it's not Chihuly (bitch, please - he has all his apprentices blow his glass, baby). I am going to make something amazing with that as its centerpiece for my very dear friend who's having some health issues.  I will even tell her what inspired it, and she will laugh and laugh. It's good to have friends who indulge one in our love of tails, hooves, dwarfs and gnomes, eh?

But-- the big/little news is once again, my tricky mage friend has my back. He asks me if I have this mount, and I just assumed that I do, but lo and behold, I most certainly did not! I am desperately trying to get to my hundred mounts (nod to things we do indoors in Seattle - RIM SHOT!) and he clears the way for me to get to enough honor points, head back down to Wintergrasp and speak with the kind Quartermaster Knight Dameron:

*Notice the monkey? Yes, chose monkey over mount this Dark Moon Faire. I really needed that damn monkey.
So, I believe I am at ninety-two mounts. I'll keep hacking away at rays and demons in Blade's Edge, keep trying to get my fiery horse, and who knows? Maybe there was another one, like this one, I missed in the blur.

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