Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thirty-foot pole: Can I see your ID?

With all the "isms" out there, one would think I would have better sense. But I don't. (Need further evidence? Just read any of the over 500+ posts I've written and there are data to support this theory.)

But here I go, poking a stick at another topic that can be detrimental to one's health: ageism.

Sexism and racism are very real and damaging issues in our "social" world, virtual and real. And the lines between virtual and real are so damn blurred, so muddied, I seriously wonder if we as a species will ever be able to extricate ourselves from our digital overlords. In thinking of getting an i-Phone, and the thought of Siri's voice telling me what to do and where to go greatly disturbs me. Now, if Pierce Bronsnan was telling me, sure. Whatever you say, Pierce. Rule, Britannia!

Sorry, my mind wanders off. I'm well over the age of 18, and we in our dotage tend to meander. See what happens when I don't take my pills?

Ageism is a very real and damning excuse for exclusion and discrimination. This issue goes across all age groups, too, so young'uns, don't think I'm finger wagging at your lack of respect for your elders. It strikes me as such hypocrisy, in myself mostly, and my discomfort when I find myself, a perfectly capable, mature adult, when I spend hours, hours "playing a game" and feeling real emotions over it! Like a spoiled brat who throws a temper-tantrum when they don't get to be the race-car token while playing Monopoly. (Remember those? Board games? I think of them as bored-games, and was never interested in them. But they were made of wood, paper, metal, and plastic, and humans would gather around these mystical rectangular alters of skill and chance, and then, oh no, create lasting cherished or dysfunctional memories, depending on the addition of mean older sibling or bratty next-door-neighbor or disinterested parent. Hey, we all have our roles to play. I liked being the banker because, well, I liked to cheat.)

So, I have found myself never, ever telling anyone how old I am. There are way too many biases against players who are over thirty, and especially if they're female. Perfectly nice bloggers will defend one another and then gasp in astonishment over "Hey, there are even grandmas who are guildmasters and raid leaders!"

And, there are way too many biases against those under twelve. When baby cub started playing years ago with papa bear and uncle bear, the guild chastised and sanctioned him time and again. These were GROWN MEN who were so mean to the baby cub that papa bear hit a mighty /gquit with one swipe of his paw and never looked back. But it soured the whole experience from then on. And baby cub's innocence and joy was damaged, too, but hey, that's life, right? Get a few knocks and punches, all part of growing up, right? (Sad face.) This is why Big Bear's Cub Reports take me back to a happy place. Hope his baby cub is better protected.)

When I read trade chat or the trash-talk that goes on, I know it's most likely teenagers being complete jackasses to one another, and then have the horrifying realization that one of them is a former guildmate whom I know is a grown man with a family. So, is this man pretending to be young again? And, who am I to judge, really? I am a grown woman, and yet, thoroughly enjoy pretending to be a hooven-horned space goat running around, perpetually young, nubile, and sparky?

Who am I to judge indeed.

So, how old am I in real life? As my former guildmaster Xak was quoted as saying, "A real gentleman always knows a lady's birthday, but never her age." How Cary Grant of him.

My birthday is in February. And none of your damn business.

DAMMIT. I had this post in mind, and there goes WoW Insider, too!

Theme song: When I'm Sixty-Four/The Beatles (and no, not yet)


  1. LOL Matty. Xak has the truth of it. A true gentleman indeed.

    I often tell people I'm older them, but I rarely tell them by how much. Though sometimes I let one of those young'uns know that I'm old enough to be their mama.

  2. He is quite the charmer, that young man. Maybe it is the same premise - turning opinions around! Always like your style, Navi!

  3. Great post. I have to say, I'm always surprised when somebody says, "Yeah my dad/mum play." Purely because I could never imagine my dad firing up WoW and kicking some dragon butt. But it is so common that it really shouldn't be an issue! Equally, I don't have very much patience for the young and (possibly) immature, but I've always done my best to give them the benefit of the doubt. But I am guilty for this!

    1. Ah, you kids. There was this book that came out a few years ago called Born Digital by Marc Prensky, calling those born past a certain year "digital immigrants." I have great issues with this considering my own parents and my and mine are more "digital pioneers." Consider the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and even the founders of Blizzard. All parents, too. Some folks, no matter the age, don't have an affinity for things that go beep-bop-bang. I have a good friend who is much more into getting her hands dirty, she's a very organic kind of person, and has never communicated via email or other social media tools. That kind of brings up a spin-off post, doesn't it, about technical saavy?

      Thank you for your comment, and I clicked on your blog, saw Spoiler Alert, and promptly walked out the door until my beta shows up! Cheers!

  4. I know, I'm always befuddled by responses to posts about 70 year old guild leaders who raid. Why wouldn't they. If MMOs would have appealed to them at 20, they are pretty much the same person at 70, just some aging on the exterior. The interior is the same as it ever was, at least mine is and no, I'm not 70 lol!


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