Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Right man for the job.

When asked why he (John Lennon) chose Ringo Starr over Pete Best, he said, "Pete Best was a good drummer, Starr was a good Beatle."

Here's my lack of experience showing again:

Experienced raiders understand the mix of classes, and dare I say, even races, for particular fights. While I know this exists, I have never taken any time to figure out what's what. I just go along. You tell me to put on the retribution aura because you're a shaman healer, sure. You tell me there's a Druid in the group, so Blessings of Kings, please. That makes sense. What stacks, what breaks, what buffs, what is the right tool for the project, is a complete mystery to me. 

How do you people know this shit?

Well, let me just say, I'm glad you do. I think I'll leave this to the experts. I read Sacred Duty's blog and just stand back, like I'm looking through the Calculus class window, while smart math girls roll their eyes at my stupidity. In my defense, I value the beauty of math, and adore science, on its terms. You want to explore biology? I'm your girl.


---we all bring talents to the table, don't we? There are nuances and relationships we can't explain to others, and quite frankly, shouldn't have to. I am not even talking about romantic/sexual relationships (the "what does she see in that guy?' thing) but all things. People form lasting bonds with friends in life, in guilds, and both, that they should never have to rationalize or explain to someone else. I think of one of my dearest friends who is very good friends with someone who has unabashedly attempted to bully me. I say attempt because I am of the philosophy of "don't bullshit a bullshitter," - I am not a bully, but don't put up with that silliness. But they have their reasons and needs in their friendship, and I completely respect that, truly. If it's important to my friend, whom is one of the strongest, most loyal, and amazing women I have ever had the honor to know, her other choices for friends are off limits to my judgment.

So, here's to mutual respect. If it's lacking in your time in Azeroth, that sucks the fun right out of the joint, doesn't it? We need a buff for that.

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