Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Boon Writing Challenge

No great idea can be left alone. In nod to Big Bear and his writing challenge, I offer you this:

So, what I would love to hear is a short piece, poem, limerick, drabble or ficlet, on how you obtained (or didn't) your favorite weapon(s). Yes, this can be complete fiction, a wish if you will. A boon is a gift, a blessing, or object infused with supernatural aid qualities. You may interpret as you wish.

This was inspired by reading some of the ways folks obtained the polearm needed to Mog Madness, Round II. The stories don't have to have a happy ending, I hope, because well, my own....

Inspired also by:

Please email me or submit link to this post by April 4. What do you 'win?' My blessings. And applause.

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