Tuesday, March 6, 2012

RTMT: Love your hat.

Maybe part of my ennui is largely due to dailies.

I don't know about those things sometimes. I understand the economics of dailies for Blizzard: they keep players on pace, in game, and paying subscription fees. Every moment or activity is carefully calculated by a room of goblin accountants, tracking away the silver and coppers. Time is money, friend, and don't you forget it.

But, okay, always look on the bright side of life, eh? While I'm trying to obtain the rays in Blade's Edge, these folks lurk around, the Wrath Corruptor. Their posture isn't very good, but you know something? What they're wearing is interesting:

Maybe I'll ask Cyrme if she knows how one can put an ensemble similar to this one together. I suspect, because I know something about how big companies work, that a designer or two was put in charge of these NPCs and had free reign, but nowhere else do their models exist. Since transmogrification, I've noticed many similar looks, kind of a "Who Wears It Better?" thing:

No contest.

Anyway, my fellow fashionistas, my question or challenge to you is, "What NPC looks have you seen that are not duplicated anywhere else, that you would love to knockoff*?" I know that Queen Azshara's looks are unparalled, so not necessarily the celebrities of Azeroth, but the rabble, such as these Corruptors?

*knockoff their outfits, not necessarily the NPC...


  1. Anonymous6.3.12

    Not to sound cliched, but Sylvanas. I just love that look even without her bow. I mean, I could come somewhat close to recreating it, but not as a Transmog set.

    After that, I'd need to browse the game (when not down for maintenance) to get alternate answers. Truth be told, it isn't often I look at an NPC and try to make their outfit (though quite often I do look at an NPC now and KNOW how to make their outfit).

    Amateur Azerothian

  2. There is nothing cliche about the Dark Lady! Good call!

    When I first saw this trailer, I wanted to be that huntress - talk about bad-ass!


    Okay, this is pretty cool, too:

    Yes, those are from Diablo, but a girl can dream, right?

  3. Actually this NPC looks to be wearing the Plagueheart Set:


    It looks to be old Naxx, and is only available in a slightly different form now:


    ~ Effy

    1. Effy - wow! Glad I know professionals- Effy - that is exactly it! So cool! Thank you very much!

    2. *but it says it's no longer available.


  4. Thisalee Crow, for one -- I love the white leaf shoulders she and Morthis Whisperwing wear!

    There are NPCs in various places who wear a version of the Simple Dress that has a yellow skirt instead of a blue skirt -- I'd love to have that, too.

    Also, the purple and magenta versions of The Elements set.

    Hmm, I shall have to think on this some more.

  5. Kamalia and Effy - thank you so much! Milan and Paris have nothing on any of you!

  6. "Thisalee Crow, for one -- I love the white leaf shoulders she and Morthis Whisperwing wear!"

    Yes please. I'd like them in a variety of colours besides the yellow and green we already have.

    Also I wouldn't mind stealing Gwen Armstead's wardrobe, her hat especially.
    (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=48735#screenshots:id=189649). I like the jaunty angle plus the mini veil.

    1. Oh, yes, absolutely! I confess that I was quite disappointed that the appearance of Lord Walden's Top Hat on female Worgen *wasn't* the cute little angled hat with a veil that Gwen and other Gilnean NPC women wear.

    2. Exactly! Where's our jaunty angle, huh?

  7. I want this look:

    See her strolling around Dalaran from time to time, fully in control - so beautiful!

    1. Unfortunately, that's the Priest tier 3, i.e. the one which was removed when Naxx flew off to Northrend.

      http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=600 = Vestments of Faith (tier 3).

      It's available in this recolour:

      http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=605 but it's not as nice.

  8. ...Gwen is pretty impressive...


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