Monday, March 5, 2012

I can quit anytime.

Well, damn.

This is one of those moments where my tummy hurts, I am sleepy, and lots to do before I can call it a day. I am losing my war of attrition between what are responsibilities and options of relaxation. Everything looks colored in muck.

This may get damn whiny, but I am sincere in my request for advice and guidance.

I play too much.

It's Monday afternoon. In the 'playtime" I had this past week, it's a mushy blur of some highlights and some missteps. I feel directionless and squandered. I did not run a single PUG with Luperci, so no valor points. On Zep, she is short about two dungeon runs, and LFR provided little or nothing. The fourth tier piece has become as elusive as the Karazhan mount. There were some really cute, fun moments--always love seeing my friend, and some new friends. I started a human female hunter named Hachette for Ironman, and ran into an identical player doing the same thing. "She" made it to level 7 without incident or troll jumps. Kind of boring, actually, and can't quite get a handle on her narrative.

Spending time in Azeroth is a dangerous vocation for someone with my personality and characteristics. I am goal-oriented, a list-maker, a task-achiever, and have genetic predisposition to addictions on both sides of my family tree, which would be more representative of a grape arbor.

There is a time in every hero's journey where they go to "the wilderness." They are off on their own, doing whatever they do with scorpions and burning bushes for company. I know I need to reconnect with my real life world more, but it hasn't really offered me much lately. But -- life is what you make it, you get what you give, right? So if my bushes aren't burning I have no one to blame but myself.

In real life, I have too many real people who need me to be 'on my game.' And, I try to rationalize by saying if it wasn't Azeroth, it'd be something else, meaning, I do need an escape hatch, as all humans do. Maybe the issue is I leveled too many alts, period, and am going through that phase where alt-levelers feel ever-more entrenched in the goals and objectives for virtual creatures. My parents always told me not to have more chlidren than there are parents to care for them: once they outnumber you, you're doomed. My characters are not children, but they have outnumbered "me."

Time to take a break, or just focus, or just not worry about it?

Or, parental controls?

Theme song: Rehab/Amy Winehouse

I read this, too, and just said, "crap." Poor Luperci:

And this:


  1. Oh God NO!!!!! Don't do it!!! Stop!!! Step away from the screen, delete some alts or something but don't use parental control!!!

    This is really nice, I woke up at 3:00am and couldn't go back to sleep but it's like my friends are there to talk to even at this hour.

    So anyway, don't drive drunk and don't ever use parental control, ever.

    1. Never drive drunk, even if there are wizards and bishops sober, and I won't. I'll be my own parent, and get some control.

      Stupid maturity. :)

  2. Sometimes we all get in a wow slump. Perhaps you are missing Ancient. You guys are such good friends that her difficulties may be telepathically being transferred to you and you feel that as a wow slump. The best therapy? Take a break. Write some fiction :) Eat some chocolate mmmm... or if u want to play, play but not take it too seriously. Sometimes you feel like you're logging in just to login - the addictive part of it. I know that feeling, I am an addict of WoW. But whatever you decide to do, you know it will feel right if the wow melancholy subsides a little.

    1. Navi, maybe you are right. I am worried about Effy, too, because I have been there, too.

      I like the 'write fiction' advice, very much, but I think that's part of the time resentment. The things in real life, are starting to feel like I'm leaving bread crumbs to find my way back, but the 'birds' keep eating them all, making me repeat already-achieched actions repeatedly.

      Hey....maybe a story!? :)

  3. Maybe the issue is I leveled too many alts, period, and am going through that phase where alt-levelers feel ever-more entrenched in the goals and objectives for virtual creatures.

    I feel like that sometimes, too -- I start to feel so weighed down by all the things I want to do with all of my alts that I start thinking about making sweeping cuts. There have already been occasions this year where the only thing that has saved some of my most rarely played alts from deletion has been the levels they are contributing to my 2012 in 2012 progress.


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