Saturday, March 10, 2012

POI: Shaman Healer (and a plea for assisstance)

Here is my issue, and I'm sure as soon as I post it, I will find it: Yesterday or the day before I was perusing blogs, clicking links and posts, and I found one that I cannot for the life of me remember its name, and I believe it's even written by one of my followers, but when I try to find it again, alas, I cannot. But --BUT -- it had the most fantastic article about how to get add-ons installed well: it's a tedious process, adding one by one, and damn I really need that article! I have looked through my Internet history, and can't find it. Anyway - if you've seen this article I'm referring to, please help me. And, I had meant to add her blog to my blog roll anyway....


Potion of Illusion: Shaman Healer

I have been dabbling with healing with Miss Matty-Can't-Find-A-Band-Aid. In LFR last week, I must have had my target on this young Draenei, cause when I chugged my potion, I resembled her. That happens with POI - drink it and have someone targeted, instant doppelganger! She has got some kind of funky look I find very endearing. (Well, it's Matty--no healer would be using axes to mend broken heroes, at least not without a hefty co-pay.)

Don't tease me for not keeping tabs on the blogs I read. Yesterday especially was so frustrating for me: I was pulled away from a reading-fest and it made me damn cranky. It has everything to do with loving to read, more than chocolate (actually, I don't like chocolate that much), but most folks understand. I love reading more than a big gooey plate of nachos with cilantro, pico de gallo, pinto beans, chorizo sausage, sour cream and homemade guacamole, served with a Dos Equis beer. As I mentioned, at my place of employment, of which I am very, VERY grateful for, the access to most interesting or engaging things on the Internet are off-limits. I have a big, fat blog post brewing about that, and am waivering about to use my professional blog or this one. I am normally quite skilled at using targeted searches, too, but for some reason, Google is not getting me right now. Not sure why "healer shaman restoration add ons wow (and I think it's one of my followers' blogs, Elizabeth Gossett) isn't coming up with the right post. I use those in combinations, too. However, now I know where to find how to be a shaman healer "in real life."
Came across this site, too:

Oh wait! I found it! I found it! Duh! It was there all along:

Here is the add-on article:

Sheesh. Now I have some time to read. (Can't you just hear the Google gods sighing?)


  1. I'm so glad you found it! I am NOT an organized person and I frequently lose blogs that I want to follow, or they're bookmarked somewhere else or I saved the address somewhere but I can't find it, sigh. You'd think it'd make me at least attempt to be organized but nooooo ...

  2. Tome -I am desperately trying to go back to my organized self. I used to be, really, and am slipping toward my abstract/random side and my concrete/random side is feeling it. Now that I have found it, and its comprehensive, step-by-step instructions, I need to find the discipline to actually follow her advice. Or just be prepared to keep clicking LUA error windows closed during battles.

    Ultimately, though, it's about this: do I want to be the best player for my own sake, or continue derping along, directionless and meandering through the wilderness?

    Post for another time. I'll put it on my list of lists. :)

  3. Glad you found it! I wouldn't have known which one it was.

  4. Being that is my favorite Tier set, I can tell you what Shaman gear that is. It is the Frost Witch set (Tier 10). She looks to have the grey/green set, which is the set you can purchase with JP. A normal mode token upgrades it to the /greyblue set, and a heroic token upgrades the red/yellow set.

    Hope that helps. :)

    ~ Effy

    1. It does indeed: I am sure I have some Frostwitch lying about someplace. It's the engineering goggles which will never be mine, as I will never level up another BOA profession again, if that it indeed what those are. She looks like a "hot for teacher" model- quiet librarian by day, hot bookworm by night! HAHA I kid, I kid.


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