Monday, March 26, 2012

Pockets full of posies...

JD reminded me it's that time of the expansion again, to wake up, and seize the opportunites of carpet-bagging, gold-digging, and inside-trades to make some GOLD!

PS Remind me to tell you about how much I spent on gold repairs yesterday trying to get that polearm.

Theme song: The Black Keys/Gold on the Ceiling


  1. Anonymous26.3.12

    Ask Reluctant Raider about her trip to visit Magtheridon yesterday. You may swear a bit at the response.

    Glad you enjoyed the wee gold reminder. Remember, as you start to recognize amazing transmog gear that you can often find pieces on the auction house...sometimes for far less than they should be (*cough* flip *cough*)

  2. Since the beginning of transmog I have been a happy AH scavenger, treating it like my own peronal vintage clothing store. It's only been recently I have cajoled (or nagged) others into going on runs. I will ask RR about that run -I could not BELIEVE that the warlock-esque mobs had BOSS labels on them, and summarily killed me, time and again! It was bewildering. And Trial of Champions? Fuggedaboutit.


    huh...perhaps....there is something I have missed...but then again, I may just have to call it like I see it and not use a mulligan on this one.

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty much lucky as hell this past weekend :) Yay!! :D

    1. Let me stand next to your fire, and maybe some will rub off on me! That wheel of fortune tends to be a torture rack for me! :) That is really cool!


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