Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dancing with myself: Girl Fight Edition

I am seriously, seriously questioning my sanity right now. And what do I do when I question my rationality, or lack thereof? Write it down on a blog, of course!

There are many logical and practical reasons why I am double-boxing right now, but predominately, it's because my sandbox playmates are scattered or preoccupied with their own missions. I can't seem to find anyone to assist me in the drake mount run from Sartharion, or finish up my Cataclysm Dungeon Hero, or heck, even ask me to tag along for a quick raid (although, to be fair, I did get asked recently but my real life schedule thwarted that--something else on my mind). So, off I go, mage in one mouse hand, and shaman in the other.

We meet again, Don Carlos...and again...and again...

Ceniza finds herself trapped in the paradox of Don Carlos' story. His hat has been taken by thugs. You go back in time to retrieve hat. You are the thug that took the hat. On and on and on. Never ending karmic wheel of hat retrieval and betrayal. And, mind you, as far as NPCs and animations go, I consider Don Carlos very handsome and a caballero of the utmost caliber. His faithful coyote, Guerrero, fiercely defends his master's safety, but alas, he too is trapped in the paradoxical loop of man vs. hat.

I hate killing him, but I need his hat. And he wants me to have it--he sent me back in time for it!

Two unsuccessful attempts with just Ceniza to destroy Don Carlo's world and fulfill the quest solo, but alas, had to bring in the big axes to finish him off. In comes Matty. Zip, zap, Don Carlos, and his little dog too, are down.

But that's not the issue.

The issue is Don Carlo's Famous Hat dropped, too.

Should I "give" it to Matty, or Ceniza? This is the crux of the dilemma. Now, on one hand, Ceniza is and forever will be a cloth wearer, and at some point, this can be transmogged. The hat is unique in that if you right click on it, a coyote companion (Guerrero, is that you? Here, boy!) comes straight to your side. But, damn-- a COYOTE!? One of my weaknesses is I adore those feral wolf spirits. They are the reason I will never be an elemental shaman, no matter how cool it is to crack open the sky with lightening bolts. I wish those wolves could stay with me on my shaman astral plane longer, but alas, they are spirits, and dissipate like a spring wind.

So, there is an hour to decide. What to do, what to do?! I asked for advice from my own real life faithful companions, and they told me to let Ceniza keep the hat. It was, after all, her quest. (Matty, go find your own!)

Theme song: Homer Simpson/Hat dance....


  1. I fall on the Ceniza side, I think she should get to keep it. A coyote! I didn't know that! I wonder if my Druid has already done that, I'll have to check, she's quite an animal lover!

    I wish I could help with your quests, if I ever get control back over my account I'm afraid then we'd have the whole east coast/west coast barrier to overcome.

  2. Speaking of time, that is my very next blog post. It's okay, Tome.

    I just wonder how many times did I do something like this, think the item was worthless when cleaning out bags, and deleted it? Should be a and found for all of our things we've acquired in the past.

    Ceniza kept the hat --alls' fair in love and transmog.

  3. *all's

    damn you typos!


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