Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quill is mightier than the Legendary Weapon...or something like that...

Oh! Oh!

Okay, okay, so I got my nether ray mounts this morning, whoopie doo-da...look what Bear has created!

Let me explain something:
*I never played drinking games in colleges (such as "quarters") - I drank for myself, and when something is pleasurable, like having a cocktail, tasty brew, great snack, painting, writing, it's best not to feel competitive about it. So, in no way do I feel I am being competitive about this. All those fun things, including writing, are for myself.
*My take is, Bear is doing this because he loves to read, and he is forthright (forthwrite?) in his intentions - more good stuff to read! I mean, how cool!!?!
*Writing and reading are so intertwined--I always go back to the metaphor of cooking. Sometimes you like how someone else makes something, and sometimes you want to fix it yourself, and create something delicious.

Oh my gosh, I have been missing my writing buddies from PSWP so much, and it's left a creative vacuum  in me. Thank you, Bear!

From his post:

Attention, all bloggers and/or writing enthusiasts. I have a little creative writing challenge for you… purely for fun.
My challenge is simple.
Write a short story. I don’t care how short, or what kind of story, or even what form your story takes. BUT… your story, poem, dirty limerick or whatever you choose to do must incorporate within it in some way the following words;

  1. juicy
  1. slender
  1. vain
  1. shaft
  1. torch
  1. star
  1. hidden
If you accept this challenge, then write whatever you’d like incorporating those words into your tale, but do not publish right away!
No, once it is ready, please hold off on publishing it until next Wednesday, March 21st.
At that time, either publish it as a comment here, or publish it on your own website (if you have one) and leave a link in the comments here as to where we can find it.I will publish my own on Wednesday as well, and no, it’s not even begun yet. I pulled those words entirely out of my butt, this is all fair and square.I have a couple reasons why this sounded fun to me.First, I’m following a lot of bloggers on my blogroll these days and every single one, yes you too Blackbear, just blow me away with the quality and imagination of their writing. I’d love to see if any of them would be willing to give this a try, and give me more of a chance to enjoy their writing.Second, I repeatedly say that everyone has their own unique writing voice, their own way of crafting their distinctive thoughts into words. I often get people replying that it’s hard to recognise the difference in their own voice or viewpoint to what other people write. I agree that it can be hard to compare your own style with what other people might do… so I think it would be delightful to see all the different ways a common group of words can become something unique to each and every person out there.What do you think. Sound fun?Then go for it! Any length, any form, take those words as a seed and create something all your own!

I have a spark of story that's been smoldering for some time, so this gives me focus. Getting taxes done this weekend? Burying the dead bird that's still in its sarcophagus in the backyard? Paying that pesky electric bill? Bah. Time to write! (As soon as I get the Leather contest stuff done!)

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  1. I was so thrilled about his idea for purely selfish reasons, there's going to be some reading of stories, poems, and hopefully dirty limericks to be had next week!


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