Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I think the rare, throbbing sunlight spun me out this morning, that and the fact I did not get rear-ended by a huge Denali SUV (it was just a little fender tap yesterday, nothing big), but listening to KEXP this morning, I thought, hey - time to pony up, pay some dues, add my tithe and remember, a Lannister always pays his debts.

This is not for a pat on the back, or "look at me, aren't I generous?" If I wanted to do that, and actually put a tally sheet of all the things I purchase, donate, contribute, etc., it would get a mention by Warren Buffet. Okay, I'm not that great, but I do try to give back.

And maybe it's a bit of greasing of cosmic wheels. If Navi doesn't want to push luck, because gods know luck pushes back, who can blame her? If I light a candle, make a wish, and knock three times, what can it hurt?

So, this morning, credit card in hand, I made donations to the following: (the charity, not Psynister) (tornado relief)
*I'm still trying to figure out how to help the cathedral without the Bishop getting in the way.

Yes, I did purchase a Cenarion pet for the Japanese tsunami relief.

Maybe I'm completely misguided and naive, but I do believe charity begins at home. Be kind to each other, and let those concentric circles of mana flow ever outwards.

Consider last night--Zep, looking for raid, no luck on the fourth tier piece for her bonus. I had the 397 gloves, and sprang a hefty chunk of gold to enchant them. A player won the glove token, and I noticed she had the very same toon name as someone else I know and love. This name is Haumea. I asked if he/she (it turned out to be a she) really needed that token, and she did. I mentioned that the person I knew had a toon with her same character name, and she asked if he/she was Hawaiian. I said no, just a huge Crowded House fan.

A few moments later, she says to me that she realized she doesn't need the gloves, and gives them to me freely, sweetly, and wonderfully. I promised if I won something she could use, she could have it, but that didn't materialize.

Haumea: I am grateful to you, and your kindness.

We cannot set up these moments of giving and generosity artificially. Clicking a donation button isn't much. It is the Haumeas of the world, in and out, who really make the difference.

Thank you.

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