Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drabble: Light

Stopped short, she saw her shadow. It saw her. How could she not have noticed this before? Her light, her flame, banished dark corners, swept them away, and shook them loose. Sulfur striking, captured acidity then honey warmth, the firelight, as if on wings, flew ahead of her step. She worked alone, lighting fires for company wherever she went, small ones, large ones, not noticing health or stamina, she depended on her magic to see her through. Starting a fire was easy. It was always in front. Containing the flames, now that was another trick altogether. The shadows skulked behind.

Note: I was running around Dalaran, and saw the light from the staff lighting my way. Don't ask me why that simple animation pleased me so -- it just did.


  1. I just love how you find the beauty in small things Matty.

    1. Navi - thank you. I guess if the devil is in the details, perhaps the angels are, too? :)


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