Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Awkward age.

Oh, Ceniza. Oh, oh, my. You are a hot mess.

Yes, this is the same little match girl who made it past Round I of Mog Madness.

She reminds me of my poor little cherry tree that got bitten by a bad winter storm and is still stubbornly blossoming:
This tree pitifully cries out, "I'm still pretty!"

She will be my fifth level 85. And this is where I just think--I gotta find something different to do. (Yup. Start writing those "novels.") She has seventeen more bubbles to go, and then, baby look out. BoA items, dungeons, some choice quests, and then someone reminded me....

...faction reputations for enchants.


Okay. We are all very concerned with drop-outs in our country. Not sure other nations have this issue, but we here in the States do. And I remember reading years ago the reason why most kids drop out of high school is not because they are failing academically, as one might think, but because they are bored.

I have said this time and again -- Blizz, for all that is holy, please mix up what loyal players have in terms of choice? Why not allow more BoA items? Why not have a "souvenir bag" for professions, meaning, if I have a level 85 who is an herbalist, but I am a miner, why can't I pick up a few flowers for them along the way? Why? Why? WHY!? I'm still only one woman, still only so many hours in the day, and I want those hours to be fun! I want to get to the GOOD STUFF! Those poor hapless teenagers are so bored they'd rather spend a lifetime in menial labor than sit through another lecture on quadratic formulas and subject/verb agreement? I know it's not your job to entertain, oh, wait. Yes it is.

But damn--the thought of all that damn, boring treadmill shit is a wet match in a dark cave.

She'll be 85 for a tiny while, just before MoP hits, and then all of those damn Draeneis will be clamoring to be level 90. Me! Me! Me! I'm your main! I'm the pretty one! I'm the smart one! Choose me!

Okay, yes, I am looking forward to getting her dressed back up, and what I am really looking forward to is the research on how to get the most bang for my flame-orb, or something like that. I want to try different weapon and enchant combinations, and watch her set the world on fire.

Theme song: Dolly Parton/Jolene (damn, look at that pantsuit!)


  1. Awww ... tell your tree I think it's still very pretty.

    Matty, ALL my characters look like that. They all are having a permanent bad hair day!

    1. HAHA! Poor little tree. Have someone all set up to come and fix them all, but damn, planted that one with my own two paws!


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