Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Olá, meu novo amigo!

Alessandra kindly left a comment on the Mog On, Ceniza blog, and I agree with him/her about the low-level items. I wandered over to his/her blog and discovered this delightful surprise, that it would be written in Brazilian Portugeuse. 

Now, I don't know Portugeuse, but I seem to know when players in PUGs are speaking it. My good friend will kindly run me through dungeons; I consider him my bodyguard. Other players gasp when they see his i-level and weapons, and then he brings out the dps/damage and we are all safely carried on warlock or rogue's wings. Last night one group was from the same server, Tol Barad, and speaking Portugeuse. At one point, they said "..........[something about tank].........[something about proximity].......Ceniza." I am not sure what I was doing wrong, but I hoped I stopped doing it. This group pulled every single mob in that one stretch before Ozruk in Stonecore, and well, that was a challenge. My friend and I noticed that the healer wouldn't heal us, at least not until after fights were over. Made things interesting. 

I am still ashamed that English is my only language. I feel we Yanks have been much too isolated and narrow-minded, and well, lazy. But I still wish I had an on-the-spot translating tool. 

Which reminds me; last week I did a random with Zep. Went into Zul'Aman, and it turns out, have never done that on her before. It was a squirrely group, but the druid seemed to, well, he gave me confidence. At one point, I asked the hunter if he was misdirecting to the tank, and he said, "no speaky english." I whispered the druid and told him the hunter was a racist asshole. The druid asked for clarification, and I said "No one who doesn't speak English says that." The druid then proceeded to ask questions in a stream of perfect Spanish. No response from the hunter. He was summarily kicked. That run took a while, and it ended up being fun and satisfying, but really, having an intelligent conversation with another player is what made it cool. 

And Senor: convertirlo en una rana is going to come in handy. Gracias.


  1. I know, I'm so frequently embarrassed when I read the blogs of people whose first language is not English and their written English is far superior to mine.

    My Spanish comprehension seems dependent on where the speaker is from, some I can understand and some I only catch certain words.

    All my bilingual friends as a teenager spoke perfect English, I wish I had twisted their arms and made them talk only in Spanish to me!

  2. Nice to know that you like! I played WoW since the last days of vanilla, and I´m used to do it in english. But since october, we have a full portuguese version, with dubbed voices and stuff. That brought a great number of new players that are not bylingual (sometimes... they can barely write in understandable portuguese too lol). SOmetimes, we have problems in mixed dungeons. But, overall, I think it´s great. Even if it still sounds strange to me to listen fantasy and MMO stuff in my own language (the words seems so out of place), I do love my language and my country and I think it´s worth a try.
    Brazilian players in general are know for being rude trolls most of time... but I disagree. It´s not the majority, they are just a noisy few. One day, with time, I teach you some swearing in portuguese and you´ll be safe for life :)
    I´m not exactly fluent, I never go to RC or Ventrilo with an english speaking group, unless I really know all of them - sometimes I use Google Translate too. For me, it´s a shame I don´t know a single word in spanish. All the rest of Latin America speaks it. Always call my husband to know if someone is cursing me.
    BTW, Alessandra is a woman´s name here in Brazil too.

  3. Ah, thank you so much for these clarifications! And yes, any choice words you can share would be great. My Spanish-speaking guildmate is too much of a gentleman to teach me those words - I had to learn one on my own. And you know what struck me? I think the US has horrible trolls, but then I've often wondered or believed that every country has their fair share. Maybe we all become ashamed of our countrymen's bad behavior, and think others are somehow above it. I am not sure. I will tell you right now, though - your English is a hell of a lot better than my Portugeuse! Maybe Google translator can help bring us all closer together! Muito obrigado!


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