Friday, March 30, 2012

Hidden panda, crouching Draenei

Was thinking this morning, with all the blogging players getting their betas, they are of course excitedly and rightfully sharing posts about their experiences. So, please, do not be offended if I don't click on your blog for a bit. It's not jealousy, I promise. I don't read movie reviews, and quite often will turn off a trailer or shut it out if I feel it's revealing too much. I want to experience it myself. The ten minutes I got to play at Blizzcon was like a crumb of a sample, grateful for it I am (oh Yoda voice, where did you come from?) but it is not enough to sustain me.

Anyway, going to be not reading for a while. And to be fair, I admitted to myself if I had received my beta, I'd be putting screenshots and commentary all over this blog. Sharing is awesome. And, I'm glad those bloggers are sharing, because then I have those resources when I need them. So, this is a lesson for me. Just going to hide over here for a bit, behind the World Tree, and wait for the fire to blow over. And keep checking my mail.

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