Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lost in the flood...

I am playing around with this program this morning: Tilt-Shift:

When I took this screenshot, it was one of those moments between the real world and virtual that makes one stop for a moment, and just--I'm not sure what. The ghost in the machine, Deus Ex Machina, glitch in the matrix. This plate outfit was put together with a storm motif, and when I flew Luperci out to the outskirts of Stormwind, the sky clouded up, and became heavy with rain. I have better shots, which when I have time will dig through, but in the meantime was excited to share this photography editing tool with you all. It gives a depth of field to our screenshot photography that allows for the idiosyncrasies of old-fashioned photography, which, in my opinion, still has a magic all its own.

You know--it's funny. All the "real" photographs I have, I have in existence. Since digital photography, I feel I have handed over my memories to the "machine." I don't know where precious photographs are, and I know that there is one short film of a very special person that is lost forever. There is something to be said for real, honest-to-goodness memory recorders. Hard-drives and archives fail, but yet -- the walls of the pyramids still stand. Yes, I know fires, floods, and time can lose objects, both trash and treasure, but the machine --and its expediency and allure of fast, faster, fastest, have enabled many failures of collecting and storing.

Yes, I am a little sad about this. This aspect of my life, an important one, chronicling the rites and rituals of time passage, got out of my control. And I don't like it.

Everyone complains about the virtual weather, but no one ever does anything about it.


  1. Nothing wrong with standing in the rain and reflecting. I agree that, though dark, that is a beautiful picture.

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts. They have certainly set me to thinking.

    ~ Effy

  2. Is that one of your Miss Azeroth shots you played with? Nice effects :)


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